Alchemy Attraction

Attract From Your Deepest Truth

The Alchemy Attraction Formula gives you immediate access to manifest from your Soul's Path so what you want comes directly to you.

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Lovely to meet you! Robyn here. The Alchemy Attraction Formula guides you to your highest level potential in all arenas. From here, you claim your truth, speak from presence, and become confident in ways you never knew were possible. You will fully align with your Soul's Path and attract to you beyond your imagination or desires. 


Alongside our tribe of alchemic entrepreneurs, this proven Formula will support you in focusing and refining your own path to fulfillment and abundance.


In spending the previous 19-years studying from world-renowned monks, swamis and shamans, and mentoring billionaire CEOs and professional athletes with peak-performance practices, I've developed and implemented a precise practice that allowed me personally to attract the most magnetic relationship, as well as develop three multi-million dollar brands— 


I'm here to show you how to apply Alchemy Attraction to claim your deep presence and express your truth unto the world as you are well-received. Welcome to the soul tribe!

  • LIVE & Recorded Trainings: Monthly Group Coaching

  • Personalized Practices to Deepen into your Truth (in Personal-Expansion, Love & Business)

  • High-Vibe Mentoring for Immediate Progression Embodying Your Soul's Path

  • Team-Building & Network Marketing Opportunities to Develop Residual Income Streams


Potent Manifestation



Discover your path and claim your power in this potent meditation visualization manifestation guide. You will gain immediate clarity in knowing your life path and business focus and how to step into claiming your power to speak your truth with potent confidence.

Robyn Linn

Your Tantric Brand & System Extraordinaire

Hey there! If we've never connected, I'm Robyn. I've been building online brands and systems since 2012— where one of my first systems generated $2.9 million with one video-ad and one lead capture page -aka- a simple funnel. 


I've been guiding entrepreneurs internationally in developing their messaging and branding their business visions so you're coming from the most authentic place.. so it resonates with your ideal audience and attracts with magnetism. I work with clients on mastery.. Deep connection with yourself, video presence, cultivating a new business or rebranding the one you've got, product packaging and content creation, social media expression, and automated marketing and sales systems.


Aside from building systems for our companies, I've coach-consulted and mentored thousands of thought-leaders and supported them in building their online businesses through my "Meaningful Branding" program.


In other words... this ain't my first rodeo!


Before I took my passions online, I enjoyed a fruitful career in corporate Journalism for major newspapers, magazines and TV stations as a writer, editor, and producer. I've won "Excellence" awards for unique content, including a TV show I produced. After my career got stale and I lost my "zest" and passion for it... I transitioned into my own business, Marketing & Branding for small businesses and high profile CEOs. But in order to gain time-freedom and leverage, I had to take my message online and create automated leads and sales.


As far as my practice.. I've been studying (and have a teaching certification) in yoga and meditation after living in an ashram and studying with renowned monks. This has been a part of my daily practice for 18-years, where I've infused mindful practices of self-mastery and focus into business success for myself and clients. The way to business-success is through the mind, and so by establishing a "focused" practice of precision you find not only a state of mastery, but financial predictability and abundance.


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